2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV Service Manual, Page 155Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat 700 Diesel ATV Service Manual, Page 155

8Slide the hub out of the knuckle and set aside9Remove the cap screws and lock nuts securing the knuckle to the A-armsDiscard
components using pressure washer2Inspect the A-arm for bends, cracks, and worn bushings3Inspect the frame mounts for signs
of damage, wear, or weldment damageINSTALLING 1Install the A-arm assemblies into the frame mounts and secure with the cap
screws and new lock nutsOnly finger-tighten at this time2Slide the knuckle onto the drive axle and into position on the A-arms;
then secure the knuckle to the A-arms with cap screws and new lock nutsTighten to specifications3Tighten the hardware securing
the A-arms to the frame mounts (from step 1) to specifications4Apply grease on the drive axle splines; then install the hub
assembly onto the drive axleCD008 DE054A 7Compress the hand brake lever and engage the brake lever lock; then secure the
hub nut (from step 5) to the drive axleTighten to specifications8Install new cotter pin and spread the pin to secure the