2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 11Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 11

3Either drain the gas tank or add Fuel Stabilizer to the gas in the gas tankRemove the air filter housing cover and air filterStart
starting the engine 4On carbureted models, drain the carburetor float chamber5Plug the exhaust hole in the exhaust system
with clean cloth6Apply light oil to the upper steering post bushing and plungers of the shock absorbers7Tighten all nuts,
bolts, cap screws, and screwsMake sure rivets holding components together are tightReplace all loose rivetsCare must be taken
that all calibrated nuts, cap screws, and bolts are tightened to specifications (see Section 10)8On liquid cooled models,
fill the cooling system to the bottom of the stand pipe in the radiator neck with properly mixed coolant9Disconnect the battery
cables; then remove the battery, clean the battery posts and cables, and store in clean, dry area10Store the ATV indoors
in level position ! CAUTION The ignition switch must be in the OFF position prior to installing the battery or damage may
occur to the ignition system ! CAUTION Connect the positive battery cable first; then the negative ! CAUTION Avoid storing