2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 23Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 23

EngineTransmission OilFilterStrainer OILFILTER 4On the 400500, remove the oil filter plug from the filter mounting boss (located
O-ring each time the filter is replaced 8Install the engine drain plug and tighten to specificationsPour the specified amount
of the recommended oil in the filler holeInstall the oil level stickfiller plug ! CAUTION ATV-0075 Any oil used in place
of the recommended oil could cause serious engine damageDo not use oils which contain graphite or molybdenum additivesThese
oils can adversely affect clutch operationAlso, not recommended are racing, vegetable, non-detergent, and castor-based oils
9Start the engine (while the ATV is outside on level ground) and allow it to idle for few minutes10Turn the engine off and
wait approximately one minute0735-505 3Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the engine and drain the oil into drain pan
11Unscrew the oil level stick and wipe it with clean cloth12Install the oil level stick until the threads touch engine caseNOTE: