2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 175Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 175

AT THIS POINT To service center crankcase components only, proceed to Removing Left-Side Components Left-Side Components
inside the crankcaseIf the rod is down inside the crankcase and the crankshaft is rotated, severe damage will result ARecoil
StarterOuter Magneto Cover BWater Pump CCover DRotorFlywheel NOTE: The 500 and certain 650 H1 models are equipped with recoil
starter NOTE: If the existing rings will not be replaced with new rings, note the location of each ring for proper installationWhen
replacing with new rings, replace as complete set onlyIf the piston rings must be removed, remove them in this sequence 1Remove
the four cap screws securing the recoil starterouter magneto cover to the left-side cover; then remove the recoil starterouter
magneto coverAccount for the gasket AT THIS POINT To service the recoil starter, see Servicing Left-Side Components sub-section
AStarting with the top ring, slide one end of the ring out of the ring-grooveBRemove each ring by working it toward the dome