2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 215Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 215

9Loosely install the five cylinder head nuts10In crisscross pattern, tighten the four cylinder head cap screws (from step
seating position; then loop the chain over the sprocketNOTE: Note the position of the alignment marks on the end of the camshaftThey
must be parallel with the valve cover mating surfaceIf rotating the camshaft is necessary for alignment, do not allow the
chain and sprocket to rotate and be sure the cam lobes end up in the down position 15Seat the cam sprocket onto the camshaft
making sure the alignment pin in the camshaft aligns with the smallest hole in the sprocket; then place the camshaftsprocket
assembly onto the cylinder ensuring the following732-307B NOTE: At this point, oil the camshaft bearings, cam lobes, and
the three seating journals on the cylinder 13While holding the cam chain sprocket to the side, install the rear cam chain