2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 354Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat ATVs 400/500/650/700 Service Manual, Page 354

REMOVING 1Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position; then remove the ignition switch key ! WARNING Do not turn the ignition
is performed on the fuel system during which there may be fuel leakage, there should be no welding, smoking, open flames,
etc in the area 5Slowly disconnect the gasline hose connector from the fuel rail ! WARNING Gasoline may be under pressurePlace
an absorbant towel under the connector to absorb any gasoline spray when disconnecting TROUBLESHOOTING 1Verify that the electric
fuel pump is operating by listening for "whirring" sound for several seconds after the ignition switch is turned to the ON
positionIf no sound can be heard, see Testing Electric Fuel Pump (700 EFI) in this section2Check for flashing EFI icon on
the LCD displayIf EFI is flashing, see ECU Error Codes (700 EFI) in Section 53Make sure there is sufficient, clean gas in
the gas tank4Verify that the battery is sufficiently charged to crank the engine over at normal speed5Check the air filter