2007 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 72Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 72

Honing Cylinder 1Using slide gauge and dial indicator or sna gauge, measure the cylinder bore diameter in ree locations from
metallic finish is attained 2Wash the cylinder in parts-cleaning solvent3Inspect the cylinder for pitting, scoring, scuffing,
and corrosionIf marks are found, repair the surface using ball honeH NOTE: To produce the proper 60' cross-hatch pattern,
use low RPM drill (600 RPM) at the rate of 30 strokes per minuteIf honing oil is not available, use lightweight petroleum-based
oilThoroughly clean cylinder after honing using soap and hot waterDry with compressed air; then immediately apply oil to
the cylinder boreIf the bore isseverely damaged or gouged, replace the cylinder A CAUTION Water or parts-cleaning solvent
must be used in conjunction with the wet-or-dry sandpaper or damage to the sealing surface may result Inspecting Cam Chain
Guide 1Inspect cam chain guide for cuts, tears, breaks, or chips 2If the chain guide is damaged, it must be replaced 4If
any measurement exceeds the limit, bore the cylinder and install an oversized piston or replace the cylinderH NOTE: Oversized