2007 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 465Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat ATVs factory service and repair manual, Page 465

I Condition 1234Reverse shift cam broken Shift shafts rubbingsticking Gearshift forks distorted -worn Gearshift lever return
coil defective 7Float level too low 8Air cleaner element obstructed 9Fuel hose obstructed 10Fuel pump defective Condition
1Oil (in the engine) overfilledcontaminated 2Piston ringscylinder worn 3Valve guides worn 4Cylinder wall scoredscuffed 5Valve
stems worn 6Stem seals defective I Remedy, 1Replace gears 2Replace forks 3Replace spring 4Replace pin I Remedv, 123456Replace
dog Replace fork Adjust lever Replace cam Replace spring Replace shaft 1 Remedy 1Adjust clearance 2Replaceservice seatsvalves
3Replace guides 4Replace armsshafts 5Replace magneto 6Replace CDI uniVECU 7Adjust gapreplace plug 8Replace ignition coil
9Adjust float height 10Clean jets 11Adjust pilot screw 12Replace fuel iniector I Remedv , 1Shift into higher geardecrease
speed 2Replace springs 3Adjust timing 4Replace camsarmstappets 5Adjust gap 6Replace ignition oil 7Adjust float height 8Clean
element 9Clean or replace hose 10Replace fuel pump 1 Remedy 1Drain excess oilreplace oil 2Replaceservice ringscylinder 3Replace