2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 13Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 13

CHECKINGDRAINING DRAIN TUBE Periodically check the drain tube for gasoline or oil accumulationIf noticed, remove the drain
this procedureKM703 1Remove the timing inspection plug; then remove the cylinder head cover (see Section Removing Top-Side
Components)2Rotate the crankshaft so the "T" mark on the flywheel aligns with the index mark on the right-side crankcase
coverNOTE: At this point, the round hole in the camshaft gear should be upNOTE: Use Valve Clearance 0444-178) for this procedureAdjuster
(pn 9Install the spark plug; then install the timing inspection plug Testing Engine Compression To test engine compression,
use the following procedure1Remove the high tension lead from the spark plug2Using compressed air, blow any debris from around
the spark plug 3Place the valve adjuster onto the jam nut securing the tappet adjuster screw; then rotate the valve adjuster
dial clockwise until the end is seated in the tappet adjuster screw4While holding the valve adjuster dial in place, use the