2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 19Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 19

Tires TIRE SIZES DriveshaftCoupling (Utility Model) The ATV is equipped with low-pressure tubeless tires of the size and
in the tiresCheck the air pressure in all tires before each use of the ATV Steering Components The following steering components
should be inspected periodically to ensure safe and proper operationAHandlebar grips not worn, broken, or looseBHandlebar
not bent or cracked and has equal and complete full-left and full-right capabilityCSteering post bearing assemblybearing
housing not broken, worn, or bindingDBall joints not worn, cracked, or damagedETie rods not bent or crackedFKnuckles not
worn, cracked, or damagedGCotter pins not damaged or missing DShock absorber eyelets not broken, bent, or crackedEShock absorber
eyelet bushings not worn, deteriorated, cracked, or missingFShock absorber spring not broken or sagging NutsBoltsCap Screws
Tighten all nuts, bolts, and cap screwsMake sure rivets holding components together are tightReplace all loose rivetsCare
must be taken that all calibrated nuts, bolts, and cap screws are tightened to specificationsFor proper torque values, see