2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 22Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 22

Electrical Connections The electrical connections should be checked periodically for proper functionIn case of an electrical
the master cylinder in level position, check the fluid level in the reservoirIf the level in the reservoir is not visible
in the sight glass, add DOT brake fluidKM116A NOTE: During the bleeding procedure, watch the reservoir sight glass very closely
to make sure there is always sufficient amount of brake fluidFailure to maintain sufficient amount of fluid in the reservoir
will result in air in the system DAt this point, perform steps and on the other FRONT bleed screw; then move to the REAR
bleed screw and follow the same procedureKM113 4Carefully check the entire hydraulic brake system that all hose connections
are tight, the bleed screws are tight, the protective caps are installed, and no leakage is present ! CAUTION This hydraulic
brake system is designed to use DOT brake fluid onlyIf brake fluid must be added, care must be taken as brake fluid is very
corrosive to painted surfaces INSPECTING HOSES 2Compress the brake leverpedal several times to check for firm brakeIf the