2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 81Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 81

3Position the carburetor in the air cleaner boot and intake pipe assembly; then secure with the clamps4Connect the hose at
solvent because damage or deterioration will resultKM443A INSTALLING 1Place all metallic components in wire basket and submerge
in carburetor cleaner2Soak for 30 minutes; then rinse with fresh parts-cleaning solvent3Wash all non-metallic components
with soap and waterRinse thoroughly4Dry all components with compressed air only making sure all holes, orifices, and channels
are unobstructed5Inspect the carburetor body for cracks, nicks, stripped threads, and any other imperfections in the casting6Inspect
the vacuum pistondiaphragm for cracks, imperfections in the casting, or cracks and tears in the rubber7Inspect float for
damage8Inspect gasket and O-rings for distortion, tears, or noticeable damage 1Connect the gas and vent hoses onto the carburetor2Connect