2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 93Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat DVX/Utility 250 ATV Service Manual, Page 93

8Connect the red MaxiClip to the blue wire; then connect voltmeter to the MaxiClips (red meter lead to red and black meter
by icon (12)13Depress and hold the ModeSet buttons (1) and (2) simultaneouslyThe hour segment of the clock should flash indicating
the clock (13) is in the set modeRelease the ModeSet button (2) and release when the desired hour (1-24) appears14Depress
and release the ModeSet button (1) to shift the clock set to the minute segment; then depress ModeSet button (2) to set the
desired minuteNOTE: In the clock set mode, the gauge will default to normal operation 10 seconds after the ModeSet buttons
are released Ignition Switch The connector is the white one beneath the front coverTo access the connector on the Utility
model, the front rack and front cover must be removed (see Section 8)VOLTAGE NOTE: Perform this test on the lower side of
the connector 1Set the meter selector to the DC Voltage position2Connect the red meter lead to the redwhite wire; then connect