2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 5Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 5

Since gasoline expands as its temperature rises, the gas tank must be filled to its rated capacity onlyExpansion room must
to ensure high quality and correct fitRefer to the Illustrated Parts Manual for the correct part number, quantity, and description
! CAUTION Any lubricant used in place of the recommended lubricant could cause serious front differentialrear drive damage
FILLING GAS TANK ! WARNING Always fill the gas tank in well-ventilated areaNever add fuel to the gas tank near any open flames
or with the engine runningDO NOT SMOKE while filling the gas tank Preparation For Storage ! CAUTION Prior to storing the
vehicle, it must be properly serviced to prevent rusting and component deterioration Arctic Cat recommends the following
procedure to prepare the vehicle for storage1Clean the seat cushion (cover and base) with damp cloth and allow it to dry2Clean
the vehicle thoroughly by washing dirt, oil, grass, and other foreign matter from the entire vehicleAllow it to dry thoroughlyDO