2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 9Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 9

Lubrication Points It is advisable to lubricate certain components periodically to ensure free movementApply light oil to
eyes, and clothingAF879D ! CAUTION Do not charge the battery while it is in the vehicle with the battery terminals connected
The level of the battery fluid must be kept between the upper and lower level lines at all timesIf the level drops below
the lower level line, add only distilled water until it reaches upper level line ! WARNING Battery acid is harmful if it
contacts eyes, skin, or clothingCare must be taken whenever handling battery 3Remove the vent plugs; then (if necessary)
fill the battery with distilled water to the UPPER level indicated on the batteryNOTE: Electrolyte should be at room temperature
before fillingDo not use water or any other liquid to activate battery If the battery is discharged, remove the battery from
the vehicle and charge the battery at the standard charging rate of 1.5 amps for 10 hoursTo remove and charge the battery,
use the following procedure ! WARNING Electrolyte is sulfuric acid solutionAvoid spillage and contact with skin, eyes, and