2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 24Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 24

Burnishing Brake Pads Brake pads must be burnished to achieve full braking effectivenessBraking distance will be extended
for leakage and damageAlso, the coolant level should be checked periodicallyWhen filling the cooling system, use premixed
Arctic Cat AntifreezeWhile the cooling system is being filled, air pockets may develop; therefore, run the engine for five
minutes after the initial fill, shut the engine off, and then fill the cooling system to the bottom of the stand pipe in
the radiator neck 2Remove the cap screws securing the V-belt cover noting the location of the different-lengthed cap screws
for installing purposes; then using rubber mallet, gently tap on the cover tabs to loosen the coverRemove the cover3Remove
the nut securing the movable drive face; then remove the faceAccount for the spacerNOTE: Keep the drive face plate in contact
with the drive face when removing or installing the drive face to prevent the rollers from falling out ! CAUTION After operating