2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 106Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 106

VOLTAGE 1Locate the 4-wire connector for the front drive selector actuator on the frame to the right of the differential;
Load) The connector is the three-wire one on the left side of the engine just above the centrifugal clutch housingPR295 NOTE:
Test the connector that comes from the engine NOTE: The black tester lead can remain connected to the black wire for the
remaining tests 1Set the meter selector to the AC Voltage position2Test between the three black wires for total of three
tests3With the engine running at the specified RPM, all wire tests must be within specification 3Turn the ignition switch
to the ON positionThe meter must show battery voltageNOTE: If battery voltage is not shown, troubleshoot the 10 amp ignition
(IGN) fuse on the power distribution module, the ignition switch, or the main wiring harness ! CAUTION Do not run the engine
at high RPM for more than 10 seconds 4Connect the red meter lead to the whitered wireThe meter must show battery voltage5Select
4WD on the 2WD4WD selector switchThe meter must show DC volts6Connect the red meter lead to the whiteorange wireThe meter