2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 109Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Prowler/Prowler XT ATVs Service Manual, Page 109

VOLTAGE RegulatorRectifier The regulatorrectifier is located under the driver's seat next to the batteryTry to verify all
temperatures; then connect multimeter (set at the DC Voltage position) to the battery as follows2Connect the red tester lead
to the positive battery post and the black tester lead to the negative battery post3Slowly increase RPMThe voltage should
increase with the engine RPM to maximum of 15.5 DC voltsNOTE: If voltage rises above 15.5 DC volts, the regulator is faulty
or battery connection is loose or corrodedClean and tighten battery connections or replace the regulatorrectifierIf voltage
does not rise, check Voltage (Charging CoilNo Load) in this sectionIf charging coil voltage is normal, replace the regulatorrectifier
Taillight-Brakelight VOLTAGE (Taillight) NOTE: Perform this test at the socket end of the taillight-brakelight harness (pigtail)The
ignition switch must be in the ON position and either high beam or low beam selected on the light switch Neutral Start Start-in-Gear