2007 Arctic Cat Y-12 90cc ATV Service Manual, Page 18Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Y-12 90cc ATV Service Manual, Page 18

6Remove the ATV from the support standInstalling Rear Brake Pads 1Place the inner pad spring clip into position and install
then secure with the two cap screws coated with blue Loctite #243Tighten to specifications (see Section 10)NOTE: Always compress
the hydraulic brake lever several times to check that the brakes are firmIf the brakes are not firm, bleeding the system
will be necessary (see BLEEDING in this sub-section) BLEEDING To bleed the brake system, use the following procedureMD2044
3Install the wheel hub, washer, and castle nutTighten the castle nut to specifications (see Section 10); then install new
cotter pin4Install the wheelTighten to specifications (see Section 10)5Repeat this procedure for the other side; then adjust
the brake (see Adjusting Front Wheel Brake in this sub-section) 1Remove the brake fluid reservoir cover and fill the reservoir