2007 Arctic Cat Y-12 90cc ATV Service Manual, Page 39Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Y-12 90cc ATV Service Manual, Page 39

2Using calipers, measure the valve stem diameter that it is within specifications NOTE: To produce the proper 60 cross-hatch
micrometer, measure the outside diameter of the rocker arm shaftSubtract this measurement from the rocker arm inside diameterThe
rocker arm to shaft clearance must not exceed specificationsHONING CYLINDER 1Using slide gauge and dial indicator, measure
the cylinder bore at three locations from top to bottom; then repeat the measurements 90 from the first measurements for
total of six measurementsThe variation (out-of-roundness) is the difference between the highest and lowest readingMaximum
variation (out-of-roundness) must not exceed specifications ATV1013A 2The lobe heights must be equal and must not exceed
minimum specificationsINSTALLING VALVES 1Apply grease to the inside surface of the valve seals; then place lower spring seat
and valve guide seal over each valve guide2Insert each valve into its original valve location3Install the valve springs with
the painted end of the spring facing away from the cylinder headNOTE: If the painted end is not visible, install the ends