2007 Arctic Cat Y-12 90cc ATV Service Manual, Page 89Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Y-12 90cc ATV Service Manual, Page 89

7Remove the long cap screw and self-locking nut securing the front of the swing arm to the frame brackets; then remove the
cracked, or damaged in any way, replacement is necessary 1Clean all swing arm components in parts-cleaning solvent2Inspect
all swing arm welds for cracks or unusual bends3Inspect all tubing for cracks or unusual bends4Inspect the pressed-in bushings
for damage5Inspect the rubber swing arm guard for damage6Inspect the seals for damageINSTALLING ! CAUTION Do not tighten
the cap screw beyond the 4.0 kg-m (29 ft-lb) specification or the shock eyelet or mount WILL be damaged 8Place the rear chain
guard and skid plate into position and install the cap screws; then tighten the cap screws securely 1Lubricate the pressed-in
swing arm bushings with light coat of grease; then install the spacer into the swing arm2If removed, install the rubber swing