2007 Arctic Cat Y-12 90cc ATV Service Manual, Page 108Get this manual

2007 Arctic Cat Y-12 90cc ATV Service Manual, Page 108

Problem: Engine idles poorly Condition 1Magneto defective 2CDI unit defective 3Spark plug fouledgap too wide 4Ignition coil
too much air filter element oil 5Carburetor jets incorrect size (too big) Problem: Engine lacks power Condition 1Piston ring(s)cylinder
worn 2Spark plug fouled 3Spark plug gap incorrect 4Carburetor jets obstructed 5Float level out of adjustment 6Air filter
element obstructed 7Intake manifold leaking air 8Brake(s) dragging 9Drive axle bentworn bearings 10Drive chainsprockets stretchedworn
Remedy 1Adjust gap 2Replace ignition oil 3Adjust float arm height 4Clean element 5Cleanprime hose 6Clean jets 7Remove obstruction
Remedy 1Replaceservice ringscylinder 2Replaceservice cylinder 3Drain excess oil from crankcaserecheck oil level 4Use recommended
type and quantity air filter element oil 5Use recommended carburetor jets Remedy 1Replaceservice ringscylinder 2Cleanreplace