2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 11Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 11

AWhen using an automatic battery charger, always follow the charger manufacturer's instructionsBWhen using constant-current
is any type of electrical system failure, always check the fuses firstNOTE: To remove fuse, compress the locking tabs on
either side of the fuse case and lift out Charge State 100 75-99 50-74 25-49 0-24 Charge Time Required (at 1.5-2.0 Amps)
None 3-6 hours 5-11 hours 13 hours (minimum) 20 hours (minimum) NOTE: If the battery voltage is 11.5 DC Volts or less, some
chargers may "cut off" and fail to chargeIf this occurs, connect fully charged booster battery in parallel (positive to positive
and negative to negative) for short period of time with the charger connectedAfter 10-15 minutes, disconnect the booster
battery leaving the charger connected and the charger should continue to chargeIf the charger "cuts off," replace the battery
0411-837 ! CAUTION Always replace blown fuse with fuse of the same type and rating 8After charging the battery for the specified
time, remove the battery charger and allow the battery to sit for 1-2 hours9Connect the multimeter and test the battery voltageThe