2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 15Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 15

Spark Plug A light brown insulator indicates that plug is correctA white or dark insulator indicates that the engine may
around the spark plugDirt could enter engine when removing or installing the spark plug Adjust the gap to 0.7-0.8 mm (0.028-0.032
in for proper ignitionUse feeler gauge to check the gap 2Using suitable brush, clean the carbon deposits from the screen
taking care not to damage the screenNOTE: If the screen or gasket is damaged in any way, it must be replaced 3Install the
spark arrester assembly with gasket; then secure with the cap screwsTighten to 48 inlb ATV0052C When installing the spark
plug, be sure to tighten it securelyA new spark plug should be tightened 12 turn once the washer contacts the cylinder headA