2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 16Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 16

Adjusting Throttle Cable To adjust the throttle cable free-play, follow this procedure1Slide the rubber boot away; then loosen
oil is changed so the oil will drain easily and completely1Park the ATV on level ground2Remove the seat and left-side engine
cover3Remove the oil level stickfiller plug ATV-0047 3Tighten the jam nut against the throttle cable adjuster securely; then
slide the rubber boot over the adjuster Adjusting Engine RPM (Idle) To properly adjust the idle RPM, tachometer is necessaryTo
adjust idle RPM, use the following procedureNOTE: The idle adjustment screw is located on the right-hand side of the carburetorKC0051A