2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 88Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 88

Electrical System This section has been organized into sub-sections which show procedures for the complete servicing of the
specific component, always verify first that the fuse(s) are good, that the bulb(s) are good, that the connections are clean
and tight, that the battery is fully charged, and that all appropriate switches are activatedNOTE: For absolute accuracy,
all tests should be made at room temperature of 68 F 0644-191 0744-041 0644-307 0444-216 NOTE: Special tools are available
from the Arctic Cat Service Parts Department Specifications Ignition Timing Spark Plug Type Spark Plug Gap Spark Plug Cap
Ignition Coil Resistance 10 BTDC 1500 RPM NGK CR8E 0.7-0.8 mm (0.028-0.032 in 4000-6000 ohms (primary) Less than ohm (terminal
to terminal) (secondary) 2900-3400 ohms (high tension plug cap removedto ground) Accessory ReceptacleConnector NOTE: This
test procedure is for either the receptacle or the connector VOLTAGE 1Turn the ignition switch to the ON position; then set
the meter selector to the DC Voltage position2Connect the red tester lead to the red wire; then connect the black tester