2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 99Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 366 ATV Service Manual, Page 99

AIf the meter shows battery voltage, troubleshoot the gear shift position switch connector or the gear shift position switchBIf
element dirty 4Clean element 5Spark plug incorrect (too cold) 5Replace plug 6Valve seals crackedmissing 6Replace seals 7Oil
rings wornbroken 7Replace rings Problem: Spark plug electrodes overheat or burn Condition Remedy 1Spark plug incorrect (too
hot) 1Replace plug 2Engine overheats 2Service cooling system 3Spark plug loose 3Tighten plug 4Mixture too lean 4Adjust carburetor
Problem: Magneto does not charge Condition Remedy 1Lead wiresconnections shortedlooseopen 1Repairreplacetighten lead wires
2Magneto coils shortedgroundedopen 2Replace magneto coils 3Regulatorrectifier defective 3Replace regulatorrectifier Problem:
Magneto charges, but charging rate is below the specification Condition Remedy 1Lead wires shortedopenloose (at terminals)