2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 7Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 7

Break-In Procedure A new ATV and an overhauled ATV engine require "break-in" periodThe first 10 hours (or 200 miles) are
however, brief full-throttle accelerations and variations in driving speeds contribute to good engine break-inAfter the completion
of the break-in period, the engine oil and oil filter should be changedOther maintenance after break-in should include checking
of all prescribed adjustments and tightening of all fasteners RECOMMENDED ENGINE TRANSMISSION OIL ! CAUTION Any oil used
in place of the recommended oil could cause serious engine damageDo not use oils which contain graphite or molybdenum additivesThese
oils can adversely affect clutch operationAlso, not recommended are racing, vegetable, non-detergent, and castor-based oils
The recommended oil to use is Arctic Cat 4-Cycle Engine Oil or an equivalent oil which is rated SE, SF, or SG under API service
classificationThese oils meet all of the lubrication requirements of the Arctic Cat ATV engineThe recommended engine oil