2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 19Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 19

3Remove the spark plug; then attach the high tension lead to the plug and ground the plug on the cylinder head well away
reading (five to 10 compression strokes)PEAK COMPRESSION MODEL 400 500 700 EFI H1 Models 95-115 70-85 130-155 155-175 12Using
new gasket, apply Three Bond Sealant to the camshaft end caps of the cylinder head cover gasket; then install the cylinder
head cover and the four cap screws13Tighten the cap screws to ft-lb; then tighten to 10 ft-lb14Install the valve timing inspection
plug and tighten securely; then install the recoil starter assemblyouter magneto cover and secure with the four cap screws
coated with blue Loctite #242Tighten to ft-lb15Install the spark plug caphigh tension lead, front fenders, front rack, and
splash panels; then install the heat shields and seat making sure the seat locks securely 6If compression is abnormally low,
inspect the following itemsAVerify starter cranks engine over at normal speed (approximately 400 RPM)BGauge functioning properlyCThrottle