2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 44Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 44

Problem: Clutch dragging Condition 1234Clutch release roller out of adjustmenttoo much free-play Clutch springs weak Pressure
worn Gearshift forks distortedworn Cam stopper spring (gearshift cam) weak Gearshift lever stopper pin worn 1234Replace gears
Replace forks Replace spring Replace pin Problem: Secondary-transmission will not shift or shift back Condition 123456Sliding
dog brokenworn Gearshift fork brokenworn Shift lever out of adjustment Gearshift cam worn Cam stopper spring weak Gearshift
fork shaft worn 123456Replace dog Replace fork Adjust lever Replace cam Replace spring Replace shaft Problem: Engine idles
poorly Condition 123456789101112Valve clearance out of adjustment Valve seating poor Valve guides defective Rocker armsarm
shaft worn Magneto defective CDI unitECU defective Spark plug fouledgap too wide Ignition coil defective Float out of adjustment
Jets obstructed Pilot screw setting improper Fuel injector obstructed 123456789101112Adjust clearance Replaceservice seatsvalves