2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 110Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 110

Top-Side Components NOTE: For efficiency, it is preferable to remove and disassemble only those components which need to
HeadCamshaft NOTE: Remove the spark plug and timing inspection plug; then using the recoil starter, rotate the crankshaft
to top-dead-center of the compression strokeNOTE: Arctic Cat recommends the use of new gaskets, lock nuts, and seals and
lubricating all internal components when servicing the enginetransmission MD1354A 3Loosen the cap screw on the end of the
cam chain tensioner; then remove the two Allen-head screws securing the cam chain tensioner assemblyRemove the tensioner
assembly and gasket 1Remove the cap screws securing the two tappet coversRemove the two tappet coversAccount for the O-rings
4Remove the cam chain tensioner pivot cap screw and washer NOTE: Keep the mounting hardware with the covers for assembly