2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 199Get this manual

2008 Arctic Cat 400/500/650/700 ATV Service Manual, Page 199

11Remove the cap screws securing the oil strainer cap; then remove the capAccount for the cap O-ring (500) CC686 12Remove
removed, the shaft nut must be replaced with new one and the shaft must be re-shimmed 1Place the left-side crankcase cover
onto the left-side crankcase half to prevent runout of the secondary transmission output shaft2Install the secondary driven
output shaft assembly onto the crankcase3Mount the dial indicator so the tip is contacting tooth on the secondary driven
bevel gear4While rocking the driven bevel gear back and forth, note the maximum backlash reading on the gauge5Acceptable
backlash range is 0.05-0.33 mm (0.002-0.013 inCorrecting Backlash NOTE: If backlash measurement is within the acceptable
range, no correction is necessary 13To remove the assembly, remove the nut securing the secondary drive gear and secondary
driven gear; then from the inside of the crankcase using rubber mallet, remove the output shaft assemblyAccount for the output