2009 Polaris Outlaw 450/525 Service Manual, Page 205Get this manual

2009 Polaris Outlaw 450/525 Service Manual, Page 205

5-4 Pull the grooved ball bearing and shaft seal ring for the balancer shaftPull the grooved ball bearing out of the case
bearing from the inside until flush When the case half has cooled, check the bearings for tight fitShaft seal ring the crankshaft
Press in new shaft seal ring until flush with the open side towards the insideBearing bolt for the starter idler gear The
bearing bolt is usually not subjected to wearIt is difficult to replace the bearing bolt since the case is usually damaged
in the process Make sure the oil pump housing Make sure the oil ducts has no score marks or seizing marks are not clogged
NOTE: remove both jets and the bypass valve to clean the oil ducts and check whether they are clogged Oil jet "70" Remove
the oil jet and blow compressed air through the oil ductDegrease the thread of the oil jet, apply Loctite 243 and mountNOTE: