2009 Polaris Outlaw 450/525 Service Manual, Page 209Get this manual

2009 Polaris Outlaw 450/525 Service Manual, Page 209

5-8 Balancing the axial clearance the crankshaft If the measured value does not correspond to the set-point value, correct
in which the exceptionally hard silicon carbide is embeddedThe main advantages of the Nikasil coating are its outstanding
heat dissipation, the improved power output, low wear and the low weight of the cylinderMeasuring the piston and cylinder,
establishing the mounting clearance of the piston To establish the wear to the cylinder, use micrometer to measure the cylinder
in the middle of the bearing surface Measure the diameter of the cylinder in the and the axis to detect any ovality NOTE:
The cylinder size (size or II) is marked on the side of the cylinder, the piston size on the piston head The piston is measured