2009 Polaris Scrambler 500 4x4 2x4 factory service manual, Page 136Get this manual

2009 Polaris Scrambler 500 4x4 2x4 factory service manual, Page 136

CLUTCHING PVT OVERHEATINGDIAGNOSIS During routine maintenance or whenever PVT system overheating is evident, it's important
applying the park brake and perform the "K" turnDriving at low RPM or low ground speed Drive at higher speed or use Low Range(if
equipped) The use (at approximately 37 MPH)of Low Range is highly recommended for cooler PVT operating temperatures and longer
component lifeInsufficient warmup of ATVs exposed to Warm engine at least min then with transmission in neutral, low ambient
temperaturesadvance throttle to approx18 throttle in short bursts, to timesThe belt will become more flexible and prevent
belt burningSlow and easy clutch engagementFast, effective use of the throttle for efficient engagementContinuous operation
at the point of engagement (initial vehicle movement) increases PVT temperatures and component wearTowingPushing at low RPMlow
ground Use Low Range only(if equipped) speedPlowing snow, dirt, etcutility useUse Low Range only(if equipped) Stuck in mud
or snowShift the transmission to Low Range (if equipped), carefully use fast, aggressive throttle application to engage clutchWarning: