2009 Polaris Sportsman 850 XP EFI EPS Service Manual, Page 174Get this manual

2009 Polaris Sportsman 850 XP EFI EPS Service Manual, Page 174

CLUTCHING (PVT) SPECIAL TOOLS AND SUPPLIES TOOL DESCRIPTION Drive Clutch Puller (Short) Clutch Holding Wrench Clutch Holding
The Driven Clutch 3) The Drive Belt The internal components of the drive clutch and driven clutch control engagement (initial
vehicle movement), clutch upshift and backshiftDuring the development of Polaris ATV, the PVT system is matched first to
the engine power curve; then to average riding conditions and the vehicle's intended usageTherefore, modifications or variations
of components at random are never recommendedProper clutch setup and careful inspection of existing components must be the
primary objective when troubleshooting and tuning PVT SYSTEM OVERVIEW General Operation TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS PVT System
Fastener Torques ITEM Drive Clutch Spider Drive Clutch Retaining Bolt Driven Clutch Retaining Bolt Drive Clutch Cover Bolts
Inner PVT Cover Screws Outer PVT Cover Screws Drive Clutch Weight Pins TORQUE VALUE 200 ftlbs(271 Nm) 47 ftlbs(64 Nm) Left
Hand Thread 13 ftlbs(18 Nm) 100 inlbs(11 Nm) 6-8 ftlbs(8-11 Nm) 45-50 inlbs(5-5.6 Nm) 15-25 inlbs(2-3 Nm) Drive Clutch Operation