2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 36Get this manual

2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 36

MAINTENANCE Wheel and Hub Torque Table Item Aluminum Wheels Steel Wheels Hub Retaining Nuts (FrontRear) Nut Type Tapered
lower the vehicle to the groundTorque the wheel nuts andor hub nut to the proper torque specification listed in the "Wheel
and Hub Torque Table" CAUTION Improperly installed wheels could affect vehicle handling and tire wearOn vehicles with tapered
rear wheel nuts, make sure tapered end of nut goes into taper on wheelBe sure to properly torque and install all wheel nuts7If
the hub nut was removed, install new cotter pin after the hub nut has been tightened Wheel Removal 123Position the vehicle
on level surfaceStop the engine, place the transmission in PARK and lock the parking brakeLoosen the wheel nuts slightlyIf
wheel hub removal is required, remove the cotter key and loosen the hub nut slightlyElevate the appropriate side of the vehicle
by placing suitable stand under the footrest frameRemove the wheel nuts and remove the wheelIf hub removal is required, remove