2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 149Get this manual

2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 149

ENGINE PistonConnecting Rod Assembly 1Lubricate connecting rod small end, piston pin bore, and piston pin with engine oil
Band, 87 mm: PV-43570-3 Piston Ring Compressor Pliers: PV-43570-1 56Apply tape to the sides of connecting rods to protect
cylinder from damageAlign piston with bore and push into cylinder until all rings are captiveRemove ring compressor NOTE:
If re-installing connecting rods, orient the marks on rod caps the same as when removedBe aware of this direction when installing
pistons to rodsIf new connecting rods are being installed, they can be installed either way (there is no piston pin offset
in the rod) however it is recommended they be installed with marks on both rods facing the same direction34Place piston on
connecting rodReplacement pistons can be installed in either orientation as they are symmetricalPush piston pin through rod
and piston until it seats against the installed circlip IMPORTANT: Do not tap on pin or cause any sideways force to connecting
rodWarm piston crown with heat gun if pin cannot be installed by hand, or use piston pin installation toolDO NOT apply heat