2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 198Get this manual

2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 198

CLUTCHING (PVT) NOTE: Use Bushing Tool PA-47336 CAUTION Clutch components will be hot! In order to avoid serious burns, wear
Pin Puller (PN 2870386) Main Puller Adaptor (#8) (PN 5020632) Bushing Main Adapter (8) Piston Pin Puller Install puller adapter
(Item 10 from kit PN 2871226)Install main adapter (Item D) onto pullerPuller Tool (A,B) Side "A" toward sheave Nut (C) 342Apply
Loctite 609 evenly to bushing bore inside moveable sheaveSet bushing in place on sheaveInsert installation puller tool (Item
AB) with "A" side down, into center of bushingNOTE: Some models use Bushing Tool PA-47336With towers pointing upward, slide
sheave, bushing and tool onto puller rodInstall nut on puller rod and hand tightenTurn barrel to apply additional tension
if neededTurn sheave counterclockwise, making sure bushing is drawn straight into boreContinue until bushing is seatedRemove
nut from puller rod and set asideRemove sheave from puller Puller Adapter (10) Main Adapter (D) 67Piston Pin Puller With