2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 212Get this manual

2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 212

FINAL DRIVE GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Torque Specifications Item Aluminum Wheels Steel Wheels Nut Type Specification CAUTION
Bolts Specification 80 ftlbs(108 Nm) 20 ftlbs(27 Nm) 22 ftlbs(30 Nm) 44 ftlbs(60 Nm) 37 ftlbs(50 Nm) 37 ftlbs(50 Nm) 21 ftlbs(28
Nm) 40 ftlbs(54 Nm) 36 ftlbs(49 Nm) 45 ftlbs(61 Nm) 40 ftlbs(54 Nm) 45 ftlbs(61 Nm) 18 ftlbs(24 Nm) 40 ftlbs(54 Nm) 345Position
the vehicle on level surfaceStop the engine, place the transmission in PARK and lock the parking brakeLoosen the wheel nuts
slightlyElevate the appropriate side of the vehicle by placing suitable stand under the footrest frameRemove the wheel nuts
and remove the wheel Installation 12Verify the transmission is still in PARK and the parking brake is lockedPlace the wheel
in the correct position on the wheel hubBe sure the valve stem is toward the outside and rotation arrows on the tire point
toward forward rotationInstall the wheel nuts and finger tighten them to align the center of the wheel holes with the center
of the tapered nuts IMPORTANT: It is possible to torque the wheel nut on steel rim without the nut being centered in the