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2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 222

FINAL DRIVE AWD Operation The AWD switch may be turned on or off while the vehicle is moving, however, AWD will not enable
Gear Rollers CAUTION If the rear wheels are spinning, release the throttle before turning the AWD switch onIf AWD is engaged
while the wheels are spinning, severe drive shaft and clutch damage could resultAWD Disengagement: Once the rear wheels regain
traction, the front wheels will return to the "over-running" conditionThe vehicle is now back to rear wheel drive until the
next loss of rear wheel traction occurs Ring Gear AWD Engagement: When the AWD switch is activated, the AWD coil is powered
by 12 Vdc input which creates magnetic fieldThis magnetic field attracts an armature plate that is keyed to the roll cageWhen
the ring gear and roll cage are spinning (vehicle is moving), the energized coil and armature plate will apply drag to the
roll cage that indexes the rollers inside the ring gear to an engagement positionWhile in the engagement position, the front