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2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 332

ELECTRICAL AWDADC COILS Operation Overview Battery voltage is always present at the AWD and ADC coils when the CHASSIS relay
switch is functional and that minimum of 11 volts is present at the hub coil connection Verify the ADCAWD hub coil is functionalTest
the AWD hub coil using multimeter Verify the wiring harness, wiring, connectors, connector pins and grounds are undamaged,
clean and connected properly Verify continuity of wire connections with known good voltohm meter Verify the coil wires are
not connected or shorted to groundIMPORTANT: Verify all wires and wiring connections have been tested properly with known
good volt ohm meter before suspecting component failure80 of all electrical issues are caused by bad connections andor grounds