2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 341Get this manual

2010 Polaris Sportsman 850 Service Manual, Page 341

ELECTRICAL BATTERY SERVICE Battery Specifications Battery PN 4011496 Type Voltage Nominal Capacity 10 HR Rate CCA Nominal
Information WARNING CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Batteries, battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain
lead and lead compounds, and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other
reproductive harmWASH HANDS AFTER HANDLING Battery RemovalInstallation See Chapter "Maintenance" for battery removal and
installation procedures Battery Off Season Storage Whenever the vehicle is not used for period of three months or more, remove
the battery from the vehicle, ensure that it's fully charged, and store it out of the sun in cool, dry placeCheck battery
voltage each month during storage and recharge as needed to maintain full chargeNOTE: Battery charge can be maintained by
using Polaris battery tender charger or by charging once month to make up for normal self-dischargeBattery tenders can be
left connected during the storage period, and will automatically charge the battery if the voltage drops below pre-determined