2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 40Get this manual

2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 40

MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL AND IGNITION SYSTEM Battery Maintenance Keep battery terminals and connections free of corrosionIf
External: Flush with waterInternal: Drink large quantities of water or milkFollow with milk of magnesia, beaten egg, or vegetable
oilCall physician immediatelyEyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes and get prompt medical attentionBatteries produce explosive
gasesKeep sparks, flame, cigarettes, etcawayVentilate when charging or using in an enclosed spaceAlways shield eyes when
working near batteriesKEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDRENNOTE: Batteries must be fully charged before use or battery life will
be reduced by 10-30 of full potentialCharge battery according to "Charging Procedure" provided in Chapter 10Do not use the
vehicle's statoralternator to charge new batteryRZR 4 Disconnect the black (negative) battery cableDisconnect the red (positive)
battery cableRemove the hold-down strap and lift the battery out of the vehicle To reduce the chance of sparks: Whenever