2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 189Get this manual

2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 189

BODYSTEERINGSUSPENSION Lower Steering Shaft Removal (EPS Models) 12Use the steering wheel to position the front wheels so
spline on the power steering stub shaft with the opening in the lower steering shaft Skip-Tooth Gear Box AsmLift up on the
shaft and remove it through the floor panel Shaft Opening 45Place the power steering mount bracket over the top of the brake
pedal mount studs and finger tighten the (4) nutsPosition the lower steering shaft on the power steering unit stub shaft
and install the pinch boltTorque to specification Lower Steering Shaft Installation (EPS Models) 1Install the lower steering
shaft onto the gear box and align the marks made during step of the "Lower Steering Shaft Removal (EPS Models)" procedureInstall
the pinch bolt that retains the lower steering shaft to the gear box assembly and torque to 30 ftlbs(41 Nm)Install the power