2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 225Get this manual

2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 225

CLUTCHING Driven Clutch Operation Driven clutches primarily sense torque, opening and closing according to the forces applied
downhill) and throttle settings are constant, the drive and driven clutches are continually shifting to maintain optimum
engine RPMAt full throttle perfectly matched PVT system should hold engine RPM at the peak of the power curveThis RPM should
be maintained during clutch upshift and backshiftIn this respect, the PVT system is similar to power governorRather than
vary throttle position, as conventional governor does, the PVT system changes engine load requirements by either upshifting
or backshifting MaintenanceInspection Under normal use the PVT system will provide years of trouble free operationPeriodic
inspection and maintenance is required to keep the system operating at peak performanceThe following list of items should
be inspected and maintained to ensure maximum performance and service life of PVT componentsRefer to the troubleshooting
checklist at the end of this chapter for more information12Belt InspectionDrive and Driven Clutch Buttons and Bushings, Drive