2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 232Get this manual

2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 232

CLUTCHING DRIVE BELT Belt Removal 12Remove outer clutch cover as described in the "PVT Disassembly" sectionMark the drive
While pushing down on top of belt, turn the back, or moveable driven sheave, clockwiseThe belt then should be able to be
pushed down into and between the sheavesContinue rotating the driven clutch and belt clockwise until the belt is fully installed
PVT Break-In (Drive BeltClutches) A proper break-in of the clutches and drive belt will ensure longer life and better performanceBreak
in the clutches and drive belt by operating at slower speeds during the 10 hour break-in period as recommended (see Chapter
"Engine Break-In Period" for break-in example)Pull only light loadsAvoid aggressive acceleration and high speed operation
during the break-in period Belt Inspection 1Inspect belt for hour glassing (extreme circular wear in at least one spot and
on both sides of the belt)Hour glassing occurs when the drive train does not move and the drive clutch engages the beltInspect