2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 362Get this manual

2011 Polaris Ranger RZR ATV Service Manual, Page 362

ELECTRICAL ALL WHEEL DRIVE COIL Operation Overview When the AWD switch is "ON", 12 VDC power is present at the hub coil If
the center of the headlight and make mark on the wall at the same heightWith the machine in Park, start the engine and turn
the headlight switch to onThe most intense part of the headlight beam should be aimed in(20 cm) below the mark placed on
the wall in Step 2 NOTE: Rider weight must be included in the seat while performing this procedure AWD Hub Coil Resistance:
24 5 Verify the wiring harness,wiring, connectors, connector pins and grounds are undamaged, clean and connect properly Verify
continuity of wire connections with known good voltohm meterIMPORTANT: Verify all wires and wiring connections have been
tested properly with known good volt ohm meter before suspecting component failure80 of all electrical issues are caused