1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 6Get this manual

1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 6

GENERAL INFORMATION PRECAUTIONS AND GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Observe the following items without fail when disassembling and
together, pay attention to the safety of each therAfter the reassembly, check parts or tightness and operation Treat gasoline,
which is extremely flammable and highly explosive, with greatest careNever use gasoline as cleaning solvent WARNING The personal
safe of the rider or bystande rs may be invo lved Disregarding thi information coul resu lt in pe rsonal injuryCAUTION These
Instructions point out special service procedures or precautions that must be followed to avoid damaging the machine NOTE
Thi provides specia informatio to make maintenan ce easier or impo rtant in stru ction cleare r REPLACEMENT PARTS When you
replace any partsuse only genuine SUZUKI replacement partsor their equivalentGenuine SUZUKI parts are high quality pa rts
whic are designed and built pecific ally for SUZUKI vehicles CAUTION: Use of replacem ent parts whic Bre not equivalent in