1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 32Get this manual

1985-1990 Suzuki LT50 Service Manual, Page 32

SE RVI CI NG ENGINE 2CLUTCHLOCK UP" IN SPECTION Perform this inspection to determine if the clu ch is engaging fully and
r min Tolerance If the engine rm;n does not coincide with the specified rl min range then disassemble the clutch Clutch shoeinspect
the shoes visually for chips, crackinguneven wear, burning and check the depth of the grooves on the shoesIf there is no
groove at any part of the shoes, rep lace them as set Clutch springsvisually inspect the clutch springs for stretched coils
or broken coilsMeasure the free length of the springs wi th vernier calipersNOTE : Clutch shoes or springs must be changed